Terms and Conditions

The Contracting Parties agree and conclude that the rental will be governed by the following rules and conditions:

1) PERSONAL DATA – The Lessee undertakes not to provide false information about his or her generalities, age and address expressly exclaiming the Mondello Rent from any injurious consequences arising in the event of a mendacious declaration. Mondello Rent does not assume responsibility for violations of the Highway Code or fines related to the driving license. Specifically, the lessee accepts and signs to exhibit at the time of signing this contract, his valid driving license at the signing of the contract, in accordance with Italian law, assuming criminal and civil responsibility if he circles without a valid driving license on our rental vehicle.
2) – DELIVERY AND RETURN OF THE MOTORCYCLE – The motorcycle is entrusted to the lessee with a full tank of fuel and equipped with the following accessories: (approved helmet, chain-lock, windshield, top box) and the motorcycle documents of which the lessee becomes a custodian. The motorcycle is delivered in excellent condition of conservation and operation, without defects and the lessee with the signing of the same declares to have seen it, to have verified the excellent conditions and to consider it suitable for use. The lessee undertakes to return the motorcycle with a full tank of fuel and all the accessories in the same conditions of delivery, and to return the motorcycle in the same place of initial delivery and within the terms indicated (date and time) in this contract. Any variation must be previously agreed with the Mondello Rent. Objects left by anyone in the motorcycle returned to Mondello Rent are considered abandoned, and Mondello Rent is not required to keep them and to return them. It is considered appropriate to point out that if the motorcycle is returned without a full tank of fuel, a penalty will be applied as indicated in the main damage / theft compensation list for the type of motorcycle. In case of cancellation of days during the rental period or in case of early return, no refund will be given. If the return of the vehicles is delayed one hour later than the return time established in this contract, the price of a further day of rent will be applied.
3) CONDITIONS OF USE – The lessee acknowledges that does not receive any real right on the rented vehicle and accessories provided and, therefore, not be able to have in any way. In particular, it is strictly forbidden to sub-charter the vehicle to third parties in any form. In addition, the customer can not under any circumstances use or allow the vehicle to be used: (a) for the transport of persons and / or goods for commercial purposes; (B) to push or tow vehicles, trailers or other things; (C) in races, competitions, professional competitions, races on circuits, runs or open to the public; (D) under the influence of alcohol, drugs, hallucinogens, narcotics, barbiturates, intoxicants, or any other substance that could impair the state of consciousness and alertness, or the ability to react; (S) in violation of customs rules, traffic or other laws; (F) by a person other than the client, unless that person has been authorized in writing by Mondello Rent; (G) for circulation in restricted areas or in areas of access or service to the port and airport areas with limited traffic; (H) by a person who has supplied the Mondello Rent data and / or false information about your age, name, date and place of birth, residence address, tax identification number; (S) for any illegal purpose. In addition, the customer assumes the obligation to: (a) ride the vehicle personally and keep it, together with the accessories provided with the utmost diligence and in compliance with all applicable laws (B) ensure the operation and safety of the vehicle during the time of hire; (C) indemnify the Mondello Rent from any claims made by third parties for damages suffered by them to the goods transported in the rented vehicle or due to faults or inconveniences to the medium; (D) refund the Mondello Rent, against invoice, for all expenses, including legal fees, that it would incur to obtain the fulfillment of monetary obligations due to any reason and / or reason, for such purpose therein including those for motorway tolls not paid, associated administrative costs; (E) use all anti-theft devices of which has the means whenever this is parked and abandoned, although in places closed and guarded areas .
4) RULES OF THE ITALIAN ROAD CODE – The lessee declares to be aware of the regulations of the Italian Road Code. In any case, ad abundantiam, the Mondello Rent has informed the lessee about the main rules, with particular reference to the legislation on the obligation to use an helmet, on speed limits and on the consequences deriving from their non-compliance. The lessee is therefore required to comply with the rules of the Highway Code. The Mondello Rent declines all responsibility in case of improper use of the motorcycle and / or non-compliance with the Italian Road Code. 5) – MOTORCYCLE INSURANCE COVERAGE -. RC basic insurance (included in the rental cost). The lessee is covered by an insurance that covers damage to third parties. A fee is mandatory as a penalty up to € 500 for petrol vehicles up to 150cc, which becomes € 750 for petrol vehicles over 150cc, in the event of damage, theft or loss of the rented vehicle and its components and hired optionals. Damages to the scooter will be charged to the lessee in accordance with the damage list in “Attached 1” to this contract and / or present in the Mondello Rent shop. Any transport, administration, penalties, fines of the police forces and anything other than the damage will be charged in addition to the fees and penalties indicated in point 8 and 9 without any limit. Mondello Rent reserves the right to reimburse the penalty collected due to claims by issuing to the lessee a credit note in his favor (in proportion to the insurance reimbursement received), only if the lessee, following an official communication with repayment of damages by of the Insurance, is not 100% guilty. The motorcycle is not covered by theft or fire insurance.
6) – DAMAGES AND THEFT – The lessee is responsible for the damages caused during the use of the motorcycle to himself, to third parties, to things of third parties, to the motorcycle and its accessories. Any event, damage or injury resulting from the circulation and use of the motorcycle is attributable only to the lessee. In case of theft or fire, partial or total, the lessee is obliged to immediately report the fact to the competent Authority and to deliver to Mondello Rent no later than 24 hours from the fact the original of the complaint. In case of accident, the lessee must immediately inform Mondello Rent by telephone. The lessee will have to request the intervention of the competent Authority and, when necessary, will have to lodge a complaint with the competent Authority. The lessee must take care to obtain the data relating to the witnesses and other vehicles involved or, in any case, to obtain all the information necessary for determining the responsibility of the accident occurred. Furthermore, the lessee undertakes to transmit to Mondello Rent, within and no later than 24 hours after the claim, a complete detailed report on the form “accident report (CID)”, enclosed with the documents of the motorcycle. Finally, the lessee undertakes to cooperate with Mondello Rent, its Insurance Company, its Legal in any investigation or extrajudicial and judicial proceedings. The lessee will have to reimburse damages and / or breakages to the rented motorcycle and its accessories, which are not attributable to normal use of the same and Mondello Rent is now authorized to withdraw without notice the amount corresponding to the amount due (such as from price list for damages / theft and / or preventive damages) on the lessee’s credit card. In case of failure to return the motorcycle due to theft, the lessee must present to Mondello Rent, a copy of the theft report presented to the competent Offices and pay compensation as indicated in the Main damage / theft reimbursement list for the type of motorcycle.. This sum will be returned from Mondello Rent to the lessee in the event of any discovery of the motorcycle. 7) – LIMITATION OF RESPONSIBILITY OF THE MONDELLO RENT – Within the limits established by law, Mondello Rent can not be held responsible, and indeed the lessee renounces for himself and for his own heirs to advance any claims for any damage suffered by the lessee or third parties as it derives from the use of the rented motorcycle, or for loss or damage to property owned by the lessee or third parties left in the motorcycle or for damages or inconveniences resulting from delay in delivery, breakdowns or any another cause outside the direct and exclusive control of the Mondello Rent. 8) – CHARGES – In case of seizure or administrative detention of the rented motorcycle, for reasons to be charged to the lessee, the cost of the daily rate increased by 15% and all possible legal expenses will be charged for the entire period of seizure or administrative detention. The lessee undertakes to transmit within 24 hours to Mondello Rent if he has incurred sanctions and / or contraventions notified by the Public Authority. In case of non-timely transmission the lessee will be responsible for any eventual and consequent disbursement and / or damage suffered by Mondello Rent directly or indirectly. 9) – CHARGES AFTER THE CLOSURE OF THE CONTRACT – The lessee acknowledges and accepts from now the charge of all expenses (fuel, insurance deductible, unpaid, penalties, administrative costs, fines or damages) detected or found after the delivery of the rented vehicle and authorizes Mondello Rent to charge them on his Credit Card. In the event of violations of the Highway Code, the lessee is the only person responsible for paying the fines and the judicial procedures attributed to them. The administrative cost for the management of fines and administrative procedures will be € 25 for each fine, payment card and / or administrative and / or administrative detention notices sent by the competent authorities, which will be charged on the credit card released by the lessee at the signing of this contract. 10) – MOTORCYCLE FAILURE – In the event of technical failure of the rented motorcycle not attributable to the lessee, and which precludes the possibility of using the vehicle, Mondello Rent will, if possible, replace the vehicle with a similar one. In case of impossibility, Mondello Rent will reimburse the unused part of the rental period already paid. (It is conventionally excluded compensation for further damages) The Mondello Rent undertakes to reimburse the lessee the sum for repairs due to motorcycle breakdowns, if provided with a regular invoice and have been previously authorized in writing by Mondello Rent. No unauthorized repairs will be reimbursed by Mondello Rent. The abandonment of the vehicle without Mondello Rent authorization entails the lessee’s obligation to reimburse all direct and indirect expenses necessary for the recovery of the motorcycle. Mondello Rent guarantees assistance exclusively within the urban confines of the cities where its offices are located (Palermo / Mondello). Any improper use of the roadside assistance offered by Mondello Rent carried out for example outside the city limits of the Municipality where the motorcycle was rented, is sanctioned with a penalty charged to the lessee of € 50 where the intervention of a Mondello Rent representative plus transport costs (according to the roadside assistance price list). Transportation is always paid by the lessee also for technical reasons and breakdowns attributable to the manufacture of the vehicle, if they occur outside the urban area of the reference Mondello Rent office.
11) CONTRACTUAL CHANGES – Any changes to the present contract, cannot take place, nor can it be proved, except by means of a written document, countersigned by both parties. 12) CONTRACTUAL RENEWAL – This contract cannot be renewed except by a new written contract. 13) TERRITORIAL JURISDICTION – For any controversy that may arise regarding this contract, the court of Palermo is the competent court.